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Multi-family marketing strategies to give you the edge.

With so many new developments going up each month, the competition for renters and buyers is tough. Building, listing and showing just isn’t enough. Whether you’re a real estate developer putting up student housing, multi-family apartments or boutique studios, your new development needs a strong brand identity to stand out from the crowd—and give you an edge over the competition.

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Imagewërks can help.

We're an experienced multi-family marketing agency that’s been building property brands for over 20 years. We’ve worked with leading real estate developers and know how to tap into the best marketing strategies to set your property apart.
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Why is branding important for real estate developers?

Press. Signage. Tours. Digital ads. Social media. Marketing is essential for driving sales and leasing—and growing your real estate development business. But all those marketing efforts are far less effective if they’re not supported with a clear voice and visual identity. That’s where branding comes in.

A strong property brand can increase the visibility of new developments, enhance your reputation in the marketplace and increase awareness among your target audiences. So you can more easily find the buyers, renters and investors you need.

So how do you create a strong multi-family property brand?

Like any project, good property development marketing starts by laying the foundation.
  1. Our Brand Builder™ workshop digs deep into your goals, challenges and competition. It’s a fun, collaborative process that sets up the marketing strategy and identifies your target audience. What we learn together informs everything that follows—from naming, messaging and logo design to marketing collateral, website content and social media marketing.

  2. Before you lease up, you need to stand out. Our talented creative team knows how to turn your new marketing strategy into beautiful brand design. Your message and visual identity will speak to your target audience clearly and confidently across all your marketing efforts. Signage. Marketing collateral. Website content. Digital marketing and more.  

    Best of all, we’ll develop a brand style guide to ensure your real estate development business has everything it needs down the road. So your company's brand stays consistent and your company's reputation stays intact.

  3. Every new real estate development project brings different challenges—and a few of the same. Like the need to satisfy investors and dazzle renters. Your development team wants to see positive pre-leasing numbers. But how do you showcase success when you’ve barely broken ground?

    As a trusted multi-family marketing agency, we have a long history of helping real estate developers fill new properties by speaking directly to renters’ and buyers’ most current needs. Over the years, we’ve refined what works to create tailored, digital marketing strategies that drive traffic and revenue. From SEO strategy and website development to email marketing, paid advertising and social media marketing, we’ll create brand-driven digital solutions designed to engage the right renters NOW.


Property Development Case Studies.

Every client is different, and every marketing strategy is unique.

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Lumos & Nox

Our team worked with Yellow Tree Property Management in the fall of 2020 to aid in the branding of two new multi-family properties set to open in summer 2021 in the growing Uptown area of Minneapolis. Through focused brand strategy and digital marketing, we helped Yellow Tree pre-lease 75% of units 4 months prior to opening.
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Rym Apartments

Designed for efficient living, Rym offers furnished and unfurnished studio and 1-bedroom apartments in Minneapolis’s Maker’s Corridor. Developer North Bay tasked us with creating a brand that reflected both lifestyle efficiency and the industrial spirit of the neighborhood. Three months ahead of opening, Imagewërks helped Rym pre-lease 55% of their units.

Nico Apartments

Nico is a stylishly modern apartment property located along Eat Street in downtown Minneapolis—a neighborhood renowned for its variety of international cuisines. Developer Yellow Tree challenged us to create a brand that would stand out from the crowd and reach its socially active, mobile-savvy target audience.
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Learn about the latest marketing strategies for today’s real estate and multi-family development industry.