We Used Our Own Services, And This Is What We Learned

We Used Our Own Services, And This Is What We Learned

By Lindsay Valenty -

It's finally here: our new website, and we're pretty stoked. What do you think?

We've been meaning to do it for a while, and even though we know it's important, sometimes you get busy and put yourself last, you know?

When we sat down to discuss the refresh, we realized we didn't even know where we wanted to start. The site didn't feel like us anymore, so who were we?

Then it hit us: why not practice what we preach and do precisely what we offer our clients?

light bulb

So we started with a Brand Builder™ session, with our team meeting to look at examples of other sites that we thought better implemented what we wanted ours to say. Why was it great exercise, you ask?

It helped us decide who we are as a team and company. What makes us different from other creative agencies? Why do our clients choose us over our competition? What sets us apart (besides our fabulous fashion sense)?

Once we figured that out, we moved on to the moodboard/design phase, which is probably the most fun, because who doesn't like playing around with colors, photos, and font treatments, right?

We explored a bunch of options, and once we got the look down, we turned things over to our fantastic copywriters so they could do their thing: define our voice.

You may be wondering why voice is so important, which is fair. I mean, what even IS your voice? 

We're not a stuffy agency: we're a group of creative, savvy, and fun people who know how to have a good time but get stuff done while we're doing it. I mean, we've been doing this for a while, so it's kinda our jam. But that doesn't mean that others know that unless we show it through our voice. 

So when all was said and done, what did we learn about ourselves through this exercise, and what did that translate to regarding the final website design? Great question!

The new look and feel we chose is all about movement: keeping you—the user—engaged from when you first enter the page down to the footer. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-10 at 3.41.12 PM

Our amazing designers and developers put together a clean layout that utilizes white space in a way that isn't boring: popping in splashes of color and iconography to keep you engaged without overwhelming the senses. No one likes screen fatigue, amiright?

We're proud of our work over the years with several awesome clients, and we didn't want to squirrel it away like the old design: we wanted to show it off! 

Screen Shot 2023-02-10 at 3.42.24 PM

After all, it's kinda hard to choose a design agency to work with if you have no idea what their work looks like, right? That's why each page of our website showcases a variety of projects that we've worked on, past and present only, because we can't predict the future, unfortunately. 

The last phase, programming, was one we haven't done for ourselves in the past: building the site in our CRM software, HubSpot (with whom we are a certified partner). Crazy concept, we know, but we have our reasons, such as:

• Better reporting (a must)

• Seamless integration with existing lead gen efforts, such as forms, CTAs, and landing pages (another must)

• Easily incorporate content from our other marketing campaigns, such as email, blog, and social (another, well, you get it)

So what do you think? This is us: the team is full of experienced, outgoing people who love to create, collaborate and make an impact (in a good way). 

We hope you'll check out our new site. Let us know what you think, and don't be a stranger, ya hear?