The Importance of Inclusive Language in Digital Marketing

The Importance of Inclusive Language in Digital Marketing

By Lindsay Valenty -

The days of referring to people as Mr., Mrs., and Ms. have long since passed. It's time to make sure we're being as inclusive as possible in how we address others.

But how do you do it, and why is it important?

The landscape of society has changed over the last several years. The use of pronouns has increased in importance. Utilizing imagery that features BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and accessibility is key to ensuring you portray your company as a truly welcoming one.

Over 70% of students shared that they prefer diverse and inclusive companies, regardless of race, geographic location, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, appearance, and disability.

However, imagery isn't the only thing you need to make sure you're inclusive with: how you word things is also just as important—and that's what we'll be addressing today.

Language Guides

There are a variety of inclusive language guides available online to either use as a reference or to help you craft your company guide, which should be used in everything you write, including email marketing.

Just a few include 

• Everyday Feminism's Inclusive Language Guide on Ableism and Homophobia

• How to Talk About Socioeconomic Status

• Google's Guide for Developers in Writing Inclusive Documentation

Utilizing inclusive guidelines will not only improve your image but also boost your click-thru rates when people are searching for companies and content that are inclusive.

Continued Education

Writing copy is just one step. It's essential to ensure that you're continually taking steps to educate yourself.

One resource is this TEDTalk.

Test Yourself

The only way to continue to improve your writing and change how you view your writing is to test your own bias. offers a great resource with an implicit bias test that you can take. This website would be a great resource to send to every team member in your company. Not only will it be insightful, but you can also ensure they are aware of ways they can improve their communication styles to be more inclusive.

Bonus: Inclusive Imagery Resources

If you utilize stock imagery and want to make sure you are using images that are also inclusive, below are some great websites to check out.

• Pexels

• Mocha Stock

• POC Stock

• Diversity Photos

• Raw Pixel

• iStock

• Affect The Verb

Prioritizing representation as you develop your brand and website is a great way to go beyond the whole "we're checking inclusion off our list" narrative.

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