How to Pinpoint Where Your Highest Quality Leads are Coming From

By Lindsay Valenty -

Lead generation is a crucial part of any business, and knowing how people are finding you is an excellent indication of what marketing methods are working.

There are a variety of ways you can test the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts, and we'll do a brief overview of just some of them below.


Website Engagement

Google Analytics is a powerful tool when it comes to your online marketing efforts and an invaluable resource when it comes to learning how users are finding your content

By setting up tracking codes on your pages, or even unique URLs for paid ad campaigns, you can run reports on how different campaigns are performing, or even which keywords are most effective for search engines.


Call Tracking

Although not as common as it used to be, you shouldn't discount the power of personal connection. Creating unique tracking numbers to include in direct mail campaigns or print advertisements is another way to gauge engagement. 

There are a variety of service options available, such as CallRail and CallFire, that allow you to set up numbers and provide analytics reports, even send SMS messages.


Paid Social Media

Whether you're trying to promote an event, launch a new product, or even just put your brand out there to garner new business, paid social is a great option.

In fact, according to a recent report, businesses who utilized social media saw an increase of 24% in their lead generation efforts. If you're able to nurture these leads, you can see great success.


Email Marketing

Email newsletters are a popular way to engage with your customers and prospects who already have some interest in your brand. 

Email also has the added benefit of being an ideal platform for A/B testing - whether that's different send times, subject lines, or even design layouts. Knowing which variables garner the most engagement will help you plan your future marketing efforts.

Taking the time to analyze your data to get an understanding of which vehicles are garnering the most ROI will help you strategize which channels you should continue to nurture in the future.

No matter which avenue you choose to qualify your leads, having a comprehensive CRM platform to move those leads through the sales cycle is imperative.

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