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Financial Services

Branding and digital marketing for the financial industry.

From online banking and investment opportunities to competitive insurance rates, today's financial services industry offers customers a lot of choices. How can you differentiate your services, grow your bank or agency, and still provide the low fees and personalized attention your clients deserve?

Imagewërks has a few ideas. We're a close-knit digital marketing agency with experience helping banks, credit unions, insurance agencies and financial advisors market their services both locally and nationally. Our friendly team will work with you to better understand your position in the marketplace, identify the best consumer targets and create a financial marketing strategy that boosts your brand.

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Why is branding important for financial services?

Whether you’re a credit union, community bank, insurance agency or wealth management professional, a strong brand is key to the marketing of financial services. It's not just a logo or a tagline. It's the perception others have of your financial services and the value they provide—not just to your clients or members, but to your community at large. Your brand is also the foundation supporting all your marketing and outreach. A memorable, engaging brand can help you stand out while reminding consumers of everything you stand for—whether that’s competitive loan rates, reliable portfolio growth or the impact you make for the local community.

Our brand strategy team will sit down with you to define your competition, challenges and opportunities. Working together, we'll hone in on the details that make your financial services unique. Then, our creative team will use those insights to craft an identity that creates a lasting, positive impression with the types of clients, customers or members you want to attract. By building brand awareness, you will be able to create more effective marketing strategies that drive consumer loyalty, establish trust and position you as a financial services leader.

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A dedicated financial marketing partner.

At Imagewërks, we offer branding and digital marketing strategies designed for the financial services industry—and aimed at giving your institution or agency a competitive edge. From initial brand strategy, design and messaging to website design, email marketing, direct mail, social media and more, we'll work with you to create cost-effective, targeted campaigns that help your financial services speak directly to prospective clients' needs. With a strong financial services marketing strategy, you can enhance your standing in the community, attract more financial services consumers and protect your bottom line all at once.

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Digital marketing for
the financial services industry.

For most Americans, the search for financial services starts online. In fact, 90% of those seeking mortgage loans check the web for rates first. And in just the past few years, searches for financial advisors have risen by 75%, mobile queries for nearby banks have jumped 60% and searches for “retirement calculators” have increased a whopping 115%.

Here’s a more startling statistic: over 81% of consumers searching for services like mortgage loans did not have a specific company in mind when they began the buyer’s journey.

With those numbers, it’s hard to deny that internet marketing is as important as traditional marketing if you want to be competitive in today's financial services industry. Working as a collaborative digital marketing partner, Imagewërks can help ensure you:

  1. When prospects search for financial services, you want them to find you—before they find the competition. Strategic, local SEO can help make that happen. Our digital marketing team can help you create a website that ranks highly for the types of search topics, keywords and relevant content financial services consumers are seeking. We'll also make sure your website is providing the best user experience, so visitors stay longer, interact more with your services and move closer to becoming clients. 

  2. We understand you want to get the most ROI for your digital marketing dollar. By reducing ad spend, you’ll save resources to provide lower fees and better service for your clients or members. Google Analytics can help you track visitor site traffic to better target your paid search and banner ads. 

    From that tracking data, we’ll help you create targeted ad groups so you can bid on the most relevant keywords and search topics—such as mortgage rates, retirement calculators, car insurance, etc. We can also help segment your site visitors for digital remarketing efforts, allowing you to re-engage potential members with tactical, timely offers.  

  3. Email marketing is a great tool for your bank, credit union, firm or agency to build trust, keep people informed and educate clients about important ways to plan for and protect their financial future. Better still, many of these efforts can be automated to save your staff time—and preserve valuable resources better used toward serving your clients. 

    From subject lines and form fields to design and push strategies, our digital services team can help you create simple, effective email marketing campaigns that generate leads and drive response. 

  4. Relevant content marketing can do so much more than keep you top of mind among financial consumers—it can build a community. We’ll help you develop a social media marketing plan that creates a dialog with local leaders, partners and consumers. By sharing useful financial information—along with the many benefits of your services—you can become a valued resource among your neighbors. 

    Engaging with your community on social media is also great for brand management. Social platforms allow you to build authority and trust while simultaneously spreading awareness of your brand and services. It’s a win-win situation that pays dividends—something financial consumers always appreciate. 

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Financial Industry Wërk

Who says delivering ROI can’t be fun? Not us. We've truly enjoyed helping insurance agencies launch new websites, banks open new branches and credit unions attract new members.

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