Promos that Resonate with Residents

By Lindsay Valenty -

There's nothing like receiving something free that you can use on a regular basis, right?

In fact, 69% of consumers would pick up a promotional product if they deemed it useful. When it comes to residents, keep in mind what their wants and needs might be, and what items you can gift them that they would enjoy using.

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Lip Balm

Everyone can use chapstick—in fact, it's high up there when it comes to consumable health products. These USA-made lip balms are available in 13 different fun flavors and colors.


Tablet Cover

Many of us have tablets that we use either for viewing, reading or even for work. This padded tablet cover is a convenient way to take your tablet on the go and keep it safe.

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Pedometer Activity Watch

This stylish and sleek pedometer watch not only shows you the time but also calories burned, steps taken, and the distance you've traveled during the day to keep track of your fitness goals. 


Compact Book Lamp

There's nothing quite like reading a good book, and with this travel-friendly book lamp, you don't need to worry about getting caught in the dark. Bendable and easy to use, it clips onto your book with ease and features a white LED light.


4-in-1 Silicone Bottle Opener

There is nothing worse than being unable to open a can or jar due to arthritis or reduced strength. This gel can opener works for a variety of different sized jars and bottles and provides a secure grip so you can use minimal effort and open cans with ease.

From tech to travel, at Streamworks, quality is king — and guaranteed. If you're not 100% satisfied with your order or experience, just let us know. We'll make it right.

So go ahead. Brand it. Give it. Wear it. Tote it. And let your design do the legwork—with Streamworks Promotional Products. 

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