Pre-leasing a New Property with Digital Marketing

By Lindsay Valenty -

When it comes to a new property, the pressure to pre-lease units before opening is high. 

Outside of traditional marketing, the most effective way to achieve your lease-ups goals is with digital marketing.

Digital marketing allows you the opportunity to narrow down your audience based on what interests them. Location isn't the most important thing when deciding where to live now: walkability scores, co-working spaces, dog parks, package services, and resident lounges are also a big draw.

How do you share information about your unique amenities with potential renters? Let's go over a few out-of-the-box methods of digital marketing that can increase your reach.

Affinity Audiences

When looking at affinity audiences, you're able to target potential leasers based on what's important to them: their habits, interests, lifestyles. 

Knowing what's relevant to your potential leasers will allow you to tailor your digital messaging so that it appeals to them. For example, if dog lovers know that your building allows dogs, it is close to a vet and a dog park would appeal to them. 

Life Events

Depending on what type of property you're looking to fill, targeting based on life events could help you appeal to the right demographic.

If you have a building on campus, you may want to target recent high school or college graduates using geolocating to serve your ads to attendees of nearby high schools. Perhaps you offer a lease-up special for students or highlight that your building offers a bus stop that travels to campus.


You can elect to remarket to customers who have already visited your website or social media pages. Using remarketing, you can serve up ads or sponsored content to people who already expressed an interest in your property, allowing you to stay top-of-mind.

With so many new developments going up each month, the competition for renters and buyers is tough. Building, listing and showing just isn’t enough. Whether you’re a real estate developer putting up student housing, luxury apartments or boutique studios, your new development needs a strong brand identity to stand out from the crowd—and give you an edge over the competition. Our real estate marketing strategies will give you the edge.