Enhance Your Next Event with Launch Room

Enhance Your Next Event with Launch Room

By Lindsay Valenty -

When it comes to promoting an upcoming event, it's easy to fall into a design rut.

If you're looking for ways to make your open house or pre-open leasing event stand out, keep reading.

What's Your Hook?

What's a hook? A hook is a home or residential property feature that will "hook" people in so they attend your event. 

Use aspects of your property that are unique selling features to "hook" your audiences' interest.

What's in it for Me?

Everyone loves a chance to win something - it's in our nature. Having a great hook is great to get them in the door, but it is also essential to have a good reason for them to sign in and leave their information behind.

Offer a way for your potential leasers to win goodie bags that include complimentary coffee or gift cards to other area restaurants.

Rule of Thumb: if you want people to provide their contact information, you want to make it worth their while. You aren't likely to get entries for notebooks, but you are if you're offering a month of free rent or a $100 gift card.

Send a Fridge-Worthy Invite

Instead of focusing on a digital-only approach to your invite, why not use direct mail? 

Here's where Launch Room comes in. Find great direct mail formats designed with engagement in mind.

The Be Our Guest Self-Mailer is perfect for invitation-style mailings, with lots of design space and area for offer redemption. You can use the ticket section to be actual tickets to your event or for door prizes they redeem upon entry.

The Eye-Catching Invitation Package comes in a bright card envelope with a handwritten font, so it feels like it's from a close friend. You can choose the letter or card option when designing your invite.

Follow these simple steps, and you'll be able to plan a fabulous open house that your guests won't soon forget.

Our experienced team understands the intricacies of paper selection, custom die lines, digital versus offset printing, mail regulations…you get the idea. Give your print marketing extra punch.