Vista Prairie

They say you can’t choose your family, but “they” haven’t been to a Vista Prairie Communities (VPC) residence. When IWM first partnered with Vista Prairie, we set out to explore VPC’s unique corner of the market. Visits to each of their 10 different senior living communities in Minnesota, Iowa, and Ohio revealed a consistent commitment to quality of life and access to care that have since become cornerstones of the Vista Prairie brand.

We worked with VPC to capitalize on the distinct strengths of each community, but also creating a unified brand presence that promotes VPC’s charitable non-profit mission. Digital initiatives became integral to Vista Prairie’s strategy, and have put them ahead of competitors slower to adapt to the digital arena. Since our partnership began, web traffic has increased a remarkable 200% and each of VPC’s communities now rank in the top results of Google for common search terms. Most importantly, we’ve streamlined the Vista Prairie brand identity and brought over 1,000 new faces through the doors of its communities, resulting in double-digit move-ins. Today, occupancy is at an all-time high and VPC’s extended family is bursting at the seams.

Vista Prairie Website