As anyone who’s survived their middle school awkward phase knows, growth spurts don’t always dovetail with developments in your appearance. The resulting gap between who you’re becoming and what you still look like can be, well…awkward. Trystar knows this all too well. A manufacturer and distributer of power solutions and industrial cables, it grew from a small Faribault-based family company into a trusted national industry leader powering the Super Bowl and the PGA Tour. The trouble was, it still looked like a small town family biz. If you’ve ever seen a coming-of-age movie, you know what happens next: makeover montage. Time to make Trystar’s look and feel reflect the innovation and excellence of its product lines.

Imagewërks collaborated with Trystar to create a brand identity that matched the growing prestige of its clientele. The new Trystar logo simulates the inside of its copper wiring while maintaining a bold, simple sophistication. From there, we developed a variety of other collateral and promotional materials, equipping Trystar with the sales tools they would need to stay abreast of their ever-growing reputation and client base. Outfitted with a new and improved brand identity, website, and marketing materials, Trystar finally looks every inch the industry powerhouse they are.

Trystar Brand