If you’re going to step up to the mat and go toe-to-toe with national leading brands in their corner of the market, you need to make sure you pack just the right punch or you’ll be flattened before you can so much as blink. That’s why, when grocery giant Supervalu decided to expand its private label product categories, it asked Imagewërks for help not only developing initial product branding, but creating and implementing long-term marketing strategy as well.

IWM generated names, packages, labels, and in-store materials for each of their new private label products, which were tested on focus groups around the country. The finished brand materials and marketing strategy for the consolidated product line generated enough consumer interest for Supervalu to hold its own in the ring against name brand competitors. SuperChill Carbonated soft drinks generated over $16 million in sales over a 52-week period. Sales of Aloft paper products increased by 141%, while Farm Fresh meat, poultry and seafood products saw more than $27 million in sales during the same period. With the unqualified success of its private label products venture, Supervalu once again defends its status as a supermarket heavyweight to contend with.

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