Hoyt Properties

In the digital marketplace, first impressions are pixel deep. It doesn’t matter how professional your services are if your website doesn’t look the part. In its 30 years in the business, Hoyt Properties has acquired and developed over six million square feet of real estate in the upper Midwest. At this point, success is almost instinctive. Hoyt wanted its website to reflect the innovative expertise of their capabilities and the fluid efficiency of its customer service—in short, a digital experience as responsive as the Hoyt Properties team itself.

IWM’s design team was up to the task. We created a clean, intuitive web design that updates the site’s infrastructure while remaining true to the Hoyt brand and values. The new website included enhanced search features to make browsing more user-friendly and effective, allowing potential clients to quickly find a property or service. IWM also incorporated tracking capabilities to give Hoyt more access to its audience. Understanding traffic patterns and traffic-drivers gave Hoyt the tools it needs to ensure visitors consider Hoyt their go-to resource for finding the properties and services they seek.

Hoyt PropertiesHoyt Properties WebsiteHoyt Properties Website