HomeSmart from Xcel Energy – Denver

Beating a dead horse, steering a sinking ship—two variations on the same recipe for failure. The secret to success is simple: having the guts to call it quits on something that’s not working. That was the first thing HomeSmart by Xcel Energy did right. The second was calling Imagewërks. When new acquisitions stalled, retention declined, and it was clear that relying on its go-to telemarketing strategy was no longer working in its Colorado market, HomeSmart reached out to us for help creating a new marketing strategy that would generate more consumer response. IWM advised going even one step further by targeting an ideal audience of consumers most likely to utilize HomeSmart’s programs. Sending tailored messaging to a clearly defined demographic would improve response and maximize HomeSmart’s marketing budget.

Working from a targeted customer database, IWM was able to develop a more efficient and effective direct mail marketing campaign. Throwing in the towel on a familiar way of doing things is scary, but it opens the door to a host of creative solutions that will take you farther than you thought possible. It certainly paid off for HomeSmart. Working with us to regroup their marketing tactics, it gained a better understanding of its audience and the types of messages that drive response. Our collaborative efforts produced a significant spike in subscription sales, greater retention rates, and the creation of additional revenue streams.