Augustana Care

Great marketing starts with a great relationship, and like dating, sometimes it takes a couple tries to find that perfect fit. Augustana Care came to us after parting ways with another agency, and it was creative partnership at first meeting—we just clicked. IWM’s extensive experience working with senior living communities made us the perfect match to help Augustana position its brand in the senior living marketplace. We had an intuitive understanding of Augustana’s company character, goals, and challenges, as well as the key differentiators that would set them apart from competitors.

From the get-go, we sailed right past the small talk to delve deep into what was missing from previous marketing initiatives. Our team spent quality time getting to know Augustana and their brand, eventually distilling its tone and lifestyle into cohesive marketing materials that communicated its compassionate, warm personality and established a unique industry voice that would market its services and locations more effectively to higher-level prospects. We then channeled that voice into a new responsive website design that would appeal to Augustana’s increasingly mobile demographic, creating an online brand experience as friendly and accessible as they are in person. In marketing as in romance, a bad match is unsatisfying to both parties, but when it fits, it’s easy.

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